NDC Big Guns Flee On Seeing Rawlings And His Wife

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Gurus of the ruling party NDC have once again shown how scary they are of the former president and his wife Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings. Their moves threaten them and they loose hearts when they act. Even when they see a true reason to ask them anything they leave them and as people like Hon. Teye Nyaunu, Dr Spio Gabrah, Herbert Mensah and Ernest Owusu Bempah.

We all know how the former President has consistently attacked the President and his "Greedy Bastards". The government of President Mills is said to have failed first seven days into office. The former president was so discontent of his own party which is in government that he thought the only way out is to change the leadership of the Party, collect his party, the nation and then clean up the mess because the "boot lickers" and the "impotent" president will destroy the party and the nation.

Former President Rawlings has fired at the Mills - Mahama led (or maybe Ahwois led) Government without a single reply from anyone.

Instead of attacking the former President and his double sweerheart they are vehemently attacking anyone who goes closer to the former first family.

First it was Teye Nyaunu for saying the President was unable to read his letters because he has serious eye problems. As true and obvious as his statement was hell rained on him from the mouths of the "greedy bastards". Later he came out that he had received death threats from people he suspected to be Mills Boys.

Just before then Herbert Mensah a business man and a close allied to the Rawlingses tasted the heat of the BNI for disclosing that He and Papa J had a tape testifying that President Mills has budgeted 90 million ghana cedies for his campaign.

The bad side of this is that anytime one joined himself to the Rawlingses he is declared anti NDC. An NDC guru Honourable Allotey Jacobs warned the former first family of how witty and cunning Herbert could be adding that he is not a true NDC member but is only in to destroy the NDC.

Dr Spio also showed up a bit later and guess what reports went round that no one knew the constituency of the Communication Expert who was once a minister in an NDC government then led by Papa J. Anytime one shows antagonism to Pres. Mills that fellow is a potential anti NDC.

The latest of it is that Ernest Owusu Bempah has come under fire for daring to spearhead the campaign of the former first lady as in charge operations. It is on every media house all this week that Ernest is not an NDC member but a mole planted into the party to destroy it. This infuriated the operation manager of FONKAR to come out with contributions he has made to the NDC including 40,000 pounds and 20,000 tee shirts he and some friends gave out to help Pres. Mills campaign in 2008.

Why are these followers of Mills running from the roots and attacking the flowers? Former President Rawlings and his wife are the ones strenghtening all these people the"boot lickers" are attacking so why not be bold and go to them.

Are they saying Nana Konadu is so ignorant that he cannot identify the right people she will like to work with? Or she just came out of the blue and saw no one else to make friends with in her bid to overthrow Pres Mills than a mole planted from NPP. The former President cannot decern what Allotey Jacobs can comprehend and make friends with Herbert who the later described as witty and cunning. If Teye Nyaunu is all the descriptions they have given him then who is the one for whom he is working?

You will bear with me that this gurus of the ruling government are scared of The former first family and are cowardly attacking their sympathizers. I think they should be bold and tell Nana Konadu and his husband that they are anti NDC and not Herbert Mensah, Honourable Teye Nyaunu nor Ernest Owusu Bempah. They are just messengers, the bosses Themselves who are the origin of all these are the Former President and his Double Sweetheart.

Lastly the 90 million GhC tape is with the former president says Hebert. Helloooo!!! BNI.

Noah Dugubrame Frankfurt - Germany.

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