Ghanaians demonstrate in Italy

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As Ghana battles with labour force agitations and strikes, yet another blow is going to be dealt to the ongoing headaches of the Mahama-Amissa-Arthur administration as a cross-section of Ghanaians in Italy go on a massive demonstration.

A non-partisan group in Italy calling itself Coalition of Ghanaians in Italy for Democracy and Justice (CGIDJ) is hitting the streets of the Italian city of Regio Emilia to press home their concerns and agitations of what they have gathered in three groups; exhorbitant duties at the ports, corruption and its resulting unprecedented hardships on Ghanaians, as well as a support for the Supreme Court and prayer for the highest court of the land to deal with the case swiftly and justly.

The group has already attained permission from the Italian police to hold the demonstration on the 11th of May 2013. It will start with a peaceful march from the city center through some principal streets to the Home office where a petition will be presented to the senator to be forwarded to the Italian government and the European Union. A copy of which will also be sent to the Ghana embassy in Rome.

Paramount among their reasons is the current petition filed by the leadership of the NPP seeking to annul some votes and to reverse the EC declaration of John Dramani Mahama as the winner of the 2012 elections. They want the Italian government and the EU to take a keen interest in the case and to send their representatives to monitor how it is been handled. They are also pleading with the Supreme Court to continue with the speed they have started and pass a swift judgment without fear nor favour.

The demonstration, which is attracting Ghanaians from all over Italy and other European countries, is also about duties on goods they import to the country which have gone so high that they make huge losses. They have also stated how aggrieved they are because of the unprecedented speed at which their cars and other goods are seized at Ghanaian ports at very short notices. They have also expressed shock at how monies they send home never reach what they are intended for. The hardships in Ghana they say have hit them too.

They have also cited how corruption is becoming a normal and an institutionalised thing in Ghana today and wants the government to take pragmatic steps to put a stop to it.

Speaking to the chairman, Mr George Annor, he said: “Ghana is their home no matter where they live and so whatever happens in Ghana is their concern. And at this point the country seem to be at a cross road without a precise navigation system and the early things are brought to normalcy the better.”

The Secretary of the group, Noah Asare, adding his voice, said: “In relation to the court case we have so much trust in our judicial system and we are strongly urging them to be firm and fearless and pass a swift judgment that will bring lasting solution and peace to Ghana.”

11th of May is the date and the walk will start from the Regio Emilia Central Train Station at 9.30am sharp.

Diasporian News of Monday, 6 May 2013

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